Dog Walking

Dog Walking Services in Delhi – Let Your Dog Enjoy a Healthy Life

Providing dog walking services for more than a decade in Delhi NCR. Our Dog walkers in Delhi are expert in taking a dog of any breed for a long walk when you are busy with your work.

Do you know that a dog that goes for walking daily is healthier than those that don’t? Dog obesity is one of the biggest problems these days. An obese dog can suffer from cardiovascular problems. The lifespan of such a dog can be short. Do you want your loyal partner to suffer from diseases? Never!

We, Dog Trainer at Home, offer dog walking in Delhi, dog walking in Gurgaon, dog walking in Indirapuram, and dog walking in Noida services at affordable prices.

Whenever you are away from home or busy for a reason and cannot take your dog for walking, we are always available for you.

How are We Different from Other Dog Walkers in Delhi NCR?

We are leader in providing dog training and walking services.

  • Provide dog walking services at affordable prices
  • Arrange dog walking as per your convenience
  • Pick your dog from your door step
  • Arrange various activities during dog walking sessions
  • Ensure about your dog health during walking
  • Let dog walk leash free if you allow us


A dog should always go out for a long walk with its master. It helps create bonding between the dog and the dog owner. There are several health and behavioural-related benefits.

  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Lower blood pressure of your dog
  • Help keep your dog happy by decreasing stress
  • Keep your dog active
  • Improve strength of muscles and bones
  • Increase the chances of living a healthy life
  • Help learn to behave friendly with other animals
  • Develop a sense of freedom when you let the dog walk leash free
  • Encourage sniffing and improve sniffing power

Both timings are excellent. You can take your dog for walking in morning or evening as per your choice. However, regular walking is essential for its fitness.

We are an expert dog walker in Delhi and NCR. We know the meaning of healthy dog walking. Therefore, our dog walking service includes a number of activities:-

  • Explore a new trial
  • Running
  • Sniffing
  • Socializing
  • Changing pace
  • Playing