Dog Grooming

Get the Best Dog Grooming Services in Delhi, Noida, & Gurgaon: Let Your Dog Match Your Living Standard

It is said that there is no best friend than a dog. The domestic animal has been living with human for the time immemorial. For your loyal partner, we (Dog Trainer at Home) has brought the best dog grooming in Delhi NCR. We customize the grooming process as per your needs and breeds.

We provide dog grooming at our centre or your given address. Our dog salon in Delhi is well equipped with advanced grooming tools and supplies. We use branded shampoos, perfumes, and other materials for your dog.

Here is a list of grooming services we offer at our dog parlour in Delhi or mobile dog parlour in Gurgaon and Noida.


Book your dog bathing service with us. We use warm water and branded shampoos to clean your furry. We have a range of shampoos and conditioners formulated for dogs. For dense and double coated dogs, we first mix the shampoo with water to provide even distribution for proper cleaning.

Dental Care

Our dog grooming in Noida and Delhi NCR ensures your dog has healthy canines. A special toothpaste and flexible three-head design toothbrush we use to clean each corner of the mouth without much arm twisting. The toothpastes we use are sugar free.

Hair Removal & Trimming

We are best known for impressive dog hair cutting in Delhi. We are master in trimming and cutting of the coats of any variety. Our cutting session comprises removing tangles and locks with pulling loose hair because they are harmful for dog owner’s family.

Hand Stripping

It is the process to pull the dead hair out of the coat of non-shedding dogs with a stripping knife or fingers. The process is time-consuming and requires patience. It helps the dog coat’s to grow new healthy hair.

Nail Trimming

It is essential to maintain good health. A grown nail can cause pain to your dog and put pressure on toe joints. We use top quality nail clippers and handheld rotary tools to smooth the sharp edges after clipping nails.

Private Part Cleaning & Hair Cutting

We clean the anal gland and trim hair from the private parts of your dog. Our experts know the art how to calm down the dog while cleaning the private area. Little mistakes can be dangerous for your dog. So, let the experts perform the task.


Our pet grooming cost is flexible. You can customize your grooming plan to choose a suitable one for yourself.

Yes, we have a mobile grooming service where we come to your place to provide the best grooming services.

It is easy to book our service. Give us a call or email us. However, we prefer calling over emailing for a quick response.