Dog Training in Indirapuram

Get the Finest Dog Training in Indirapuram- Your Expert Dog Training Partner in Delhi

“If you are a puppy owner for the first time, you may face these common challenges- training a dog to listen you, giving it potty training, & stopping it to chew. You cannot train your dog on your own. Books can only give you theoretical knowledge. And you may get late to apply it practically. Let your dog trained by an expert dog trainer.”
Providing Dog Training in Indirapuram for More Than a Decade

If you are a resident of Indirapuram, Delhi, you might be aware of the name Dog Trainer at Home. We are a leading dog training service provider in Indirapuram. We have trained hundreds of dogs in this posh area and many dog owners in Indirapuram are in touch with us for regular grooming and walking services. Our dog training methods get appreciation by residents of this place.

Qualities that Make Us the Best Dog Trainer in Indirapuram
Specialise in Dog Training of Any Age, Breed, and Size

The beauty of our job profile is that we don’t hesitate to provide training to dogs of any size, breed, and age. Although no two dogs are alike, we can customize the dog training plan to teach your loyal partner faster. Our training involves training to large dogs, like Great Dane.

Experts at Private & Group Classes

We can work as your private trainer and behavioural consultants for dogs. Our personal sessions design a unique training protocol around your goals. You can schedule each session as per your convenience. We do arrange group classes where we can give training to a maximum of 10 dogs at a time.

Basic Obedience Training

For every dog size, we start with basic obedience training, including house training (potty training, rules of the house, and how to use the dog door) and essential commands like stay, sit, come, and drop. We train your dog in the way that he can listen you.

Advanced Dog Training

We teach behaviour diversion, including teaching not to chew, dig, bark excessively, resource guard, etc. We teach your dog to be socialise, like how to interact with people and other animals. We also arrange leash training for dog owners to control their dogs during walking. Our training also involves pet off-leash skills and hand signals.

Agility Training

It is an integral part of our dog training sessions where we teach your dog basic to advanced level of agility training. It is a sport where you can enrol your dog to cross 14-10 obstacles, including tunnels, weave poles, seesaws, tire jumps, and pause tables.


We are practicing dog training in Indirapuram for more than a decade. It is a decade old company.

We follow both conventional and modern techniques to make your dog obedient. However, our training session basically involves reward method and dominance method.

It depends on the dog age, breed, and behaviour. A dog with behavioural issue may take much time than others.

Yes, we provide training to big breeds like Harley Quinn, Great Dane, and Cane Corso.