Dog Training in Delhi

Dog Training in Delhi- Let Your Dog Listen to You

Keeping an Untrained Dog can Spoil Your Peaceful Living Environment and Can Be Dangerous for Your Family!
Find the Best Dog Training Near Your Home in Delhi

We, Dog Trainer at Home, are a group of dog trainers leading by Sonveer Sharma (more than 10 years of work experience). Our dog training comprises all types of basic to advanced levels of training sessions to train your dog in a few weeks. We conduct behaviour analysis to customize the training session for a dog. We are open to provide in-home dog training in Delhi.

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Why Should You Get Dog Training from Us?
Involve Training to Any Age, Breed, and Size

We are master in train dogs of every age, breed and size. You can train large dogs like Great Dane. We have handled every breed including those that are not easy to train. We customize our dog training plans looking at your breed and age. For example, a puppy is easy to train than an adult dog.

Arrange Private & Group Training Sessions

We are open to provide private training sessions. You can book our trainers to come to your area to train your dog for basic to advanced obedience techniques. We customize our private training sessions as per your convenience and availability. Our group sessions can train up to 10 dogs at a time. The training comes with an advantage of learning in a friendly environment where your dog automatically learns how to interact with other dogs and people.

Basic Obedience Training

Every dog training starts with basic obedience. Many of us believe that we can train our dog for basic obedience. However, it involves a number of things like house training (potty training, rules of the house, and how to use the dog door) and essential commands like stay, sit, come, and drop. It helps to move dogs for advanced training.

Advanced Dog Training

Our training involves behaviour diversion such as stopping them to not to chew, dig, bark excessively and bite. We socialise your dog here and teach you how to take your dog for walking with pulling leash and leash-off. We can provide custom learning for dogs with special behavioural problems.

Agility Training

It is an optional training where you can enrol your loyal partner. However, our dog training sessions involve basic agility training. If you want advanced agility training, we are ready to provide. Agility training is all about making your dog alert and active. It includes 14-10 obstacles, including tunnels, weave poles, seesaws, tire jumps, and pause tables.


Our dog training takes a few weeks to train your dog. However, the training duration depends on the dog age, breed, and your frequency to join the course. If it is a regular training, it can last within a few weeks.

Our dog training in Delhi comprises training to small dogs to large ones, like Great Dane, Cane Corso, and Harley Quinn.

It involves reward method and dominance method because they are helpful to teach dogs faster.

We are running our dog training in Delhi for more than a decade.